Ashley is an AMAZING writer and brand strategist. I can just send her a summary of what I need and she churns out amazing creatives every time. I recommend her highly.

-Tim Scanlin

About Ashley Kimler

With an educational background in Psychology, Ashley started working online in 2005. In 2009, she decided to try her hand at launching a brick and mortar company; this is when she fell in love with digital marketing. In a wildly saturated market, she was able to bring her hair salon's website to the top of local and international search engine results in less than three months. So, she let go of that trade and pursued her passion - business marketing.

Since then, she has worked with local and global companies, both small and large, as well as nonprofits to help improve online visibility and cater to the specific needs of their target audience. Over the last 10 years, Ashley has earned certifications in Internet Marketing, New Media Communications, SEO 2.0, Inbound Marketing, and more. She maintains top-rated status as a content marketing writer on the world's #1 freelancer website .

How to Create Viral-Ready Content for eCommerce Promotion

Every content creator strives to generate media that goes viral. Content creation for eCommerce is a unique beast since you can’t just post product images on social media and cross your fingers that people share them. Instead, you have to think of content creation as a tool for providing value to those who are likely to buy your products...
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As a SaaS provider, sometimes all it takes is the right writer to fall in love with your outcomes to make it visible. If you offer software as a service, I may not have heard about it yet, so reach out and tell me about it. If I love it, I'm sure to share it with my readers in future articles.